world's most expensive house

World’s most expensive house for sale for $175 million


A three-bedroom home in Wyoming, US, has gone on the market for a staggering $175 million, making it the world’s most expensive listed property.

The Jackson Land and Cattle ranch boasts spectacular views of the Rocky Mountains and a huge 1,750-acre backyard.

It comes complete with an equestrian centre and four-bedroom guesthouse and boasts rolling timbered hills with aspens and evergreens, large productive hay meadows and fishing ponds, according to Mail Online.

But while the views are expansive, the main residence of the ranch only has three bedrooms.

Still, it is being advertised for an eye-popping $175 million and is believed to be the most expensive house currently listed for sale anywhere in the world.

Its value is partly attributed to its development potential, with the property coming with permission to split the land into 35 separate residential sites.

However, the current owner, casino owner Richard Fields, ideally hopes any new buyer will preserve the entire land.

The property’s location also comes with tax benefits, as Wyoming has no state income tax or estate tax.

Jonathan Pierce, the property’s listing agent, said: “You can fish and ride and hunt and you’re still only three minutes from downtown Jackson Hole.

“People wanting the absolute finest property in the absolute finest resort community in the country can give me a call.”

The property was formerly owned by state governor and US senator Clifford Hansen, who died in 2009.

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  • Robert08

    that’s ridicules

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  • bozeman montana real estate

    Oh God!
    It doesn’t even matter how old is it?
    on what location it’s been created?
    in what Area it is?
    but a three bedroom house and $175 Million Dollars are too much. Enough.
    this is really gonna be the most expensive deal of the world.

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  • Roslyn Karlson

    Whoa, $175 million is lots of money! Well, a big place like that deserves the big price tag. The equestrian center definitely made it a valuable piece of land, and the fact that it was formerly owned by the late state governor and US senator Clifford Hansen makes it an even more interesting piece of land.

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