World's most expensive ice-cream

World’s most expensive ice-cream fit for a royal wedding


A British ice-cream maker has been inspired by the upcoming royal wedding of Prince William to Kate Middleton to create a special royal wedding-themed ice-cream flavour, believed to be the most expensive in the world.

Colin Bleasdale used only the finest ingredients for his creation, in the hope of landing himself a place in the record books.

The 42-year-old art teacher spent months on the recipe – which includes truffle honey and 24-carat gold-covered caramel – and believes he has made the world’s most expensive ice-cream – at £15 a cone.

Bleasdale, who owns a home-made ice-cream firm with wife Rachel, 37, said: “We thought it would be fun to do ­something linked with the wedding and also use it to publicise the quality of ingredients we have here in Lancashire.

“I’ve used traditional vanilla as the base. The truffle honey is an acquired taste, but I think it goes well with the sweetness of the caramel.

“The pure gold leaf is edible and we are also using it to coat the cones. It is an ice-cream fit for a king – or his princess.”

Bleasdale used the rich flavour as the centrepiece of a wedding bouquet, made entirely of ice cream, with a dash of colour from blackcurrant-flavour scoops.

He has written to ­Guinness World Records asking if his latest creation is now the world’s most expensive ice-cream.

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