eleMMent palazzo

World’s most expensive motorhome for sale for £1.9 million


The world’s most expensive motorhome is up for sale with a price tag of £1.9 million.

The ‘eleMMent palazzo’, produced by Austrian firm Marchi Mobiles, is 40ft long and comes complete with a pop-up roof terrace measuring 215 sq ft, underfloor heating and a bar.

According to the Daily Mail, it also features a huge master bedroom with 40-inch TV, an en-suite bathroom, rainfall shower, separate toilet, lounge and driver’s cab complete with bunk bed.

The space-age motorhome can be fitted with mobile internet, a working fireplace, streaming video surveillance and satellite TV, and also boasts a glow-in-the-dark finish to improve night safety.

One of the most impressive features of the eleMMent palazzo is its ‘sky lounge’, which opens at the touch of a button and features underfloor heating and a bar.

Marchi Mobile said the 510bhp engine will give the 20-tonne eleMMent palazzo a top speed of 93mph, while still being capable of a relatively high 13mpg. Its efficiency for such a heavy vehicle is partly thanks to its aerodynamic design.

The company said of its luxurious creation: “The eleMMent series from Marchi Mobile is a new class within the premium segment of vehicles, targeted to enthuse lovers of the extraordinary and visionaries that are stylistically at ease.”

And just in case a price tag of £1.9 million isn’t expensive enough, a source from the company claims the sky is the limit where the luxury vehicle is concerned and, if it’s requested, they’d be more than happy to cover it in diamonds.

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  • Tobias Thrash

    If I had a luxurious RV-cum-mansion, I might never leave. I’d go partying all night and lounge under the sun as I drive to the beach. How I wish it’s all true. *sigh*

    Tobias Thrash

  • http://a1-rv.com/rv-sales-reno-nv/ Lydia Crewe

    It’s a beauty packed with awesome features. You have more than everything you need at that eye-popping machine. It’s just unimaginable to see it covered with diamonds. This RV is to die for.

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    I am tremendously glad i have come across your blog.

  • http://www.westgaterv.com/financing/index.htm Tobias Thrash

    “Huge master bedroom with 40-inch TV, an en-suite bathroom, rainfall shower, separate toilet, lounge and driver’s cab complete with bunk bed”. – Whoa! How did they fit all those inside that RV? No wonder it’s worth a lot. It’s packed with amazing features. If I had that kind of money, I’d definitely buy this RV.

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