world's most expensive one-bedroom apartment

World’s most expensive one-bedroom apartment costs USD$21.8m


USD$21.8 million could buy you a lot of things – a mansion, a luxury sportscar, a round-the-world trip, and even leave you with extra cash to burn. But in Tokyo, Japan, that sum can buy you one (yes, just one) luxury one-bedroom apartment.

Dubbed simply “The House”, the world’s most expensive one-bedroom apartment is fittingly located in the most expensive neighbourhood in Tokyo, the Minami-Azabu district.

The owner of the luxury penthouse, which features 4,434 square feet of living space, spent the past 18 months renovating the property.

The furniture throughout the apartment was custom-designed by Italian furniture manufacturer Ceccotti Collezioni and the living room contains an original art piece by Japanese painter Hiroshi Senju which was painted on site.

The dining room was designed specifically for dinner parties in the special Japanese “Ryotei” style, where the chef can serve guests directly from the gourmet kitchen.

The apartment’s one and only bedroom boasts ample walk-in closet space and a luxurious bathroom complete with hot tub and 60-inch television.

It also boasts a Parisian-style terrace, an entrance corridor with a storage unit for 200 pairs of shoes, a full bath and two partial baths and a fully-enclosed courtyard garden.

Not bad for a one-bedder!

Check out more pics of the world’s most expensive one-bedroom apartment below:



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  • Magdalena Harris

    Surely, only the rich can afford to buy this property. In addition, some living room furniture stores in los angeles do not even have the furniture installed in this expensive penthouse.

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