World's most expensive ramen

World’s most expensive ramen


The Japanese noodle dish ramen is no longer just street hawker-style food. A Tokyo restaurant has elevated the dish to luxury status, selling the world’s most expensive ramen for ¥10,000 (about US$110) a bowl.

The “Five-Taste Blend Imperial Noodles” at Tokyo’s Fujimaki Gekijyo restaurant takes three days to fully prepare.

Restaurant owner Shoichi Fujimaki said it’s the soup in the dish, which is made using more than 20 ingredients, that make the dish so unique (and expensive).

“This is my cuisine, it’s my 25 years of experience distilled into one bowl,” Fujimaki said.

“This is the only place in the world that people have this kind of soup.”

If you step outside anywhere in Tokyo, where ramen is the comfort food of choice, you will find shops and stalls selling ramen for about $10 tops.

But Fujimaki uses top-grade Chinese stock blended with another stock inspired by the spicy, Thai tom yum soup as well as spices, meats and vegetables to make his ramen a cut above the rest.

Those who have tried the pricey ramen say it’s worth every yen.

“It’s certainly expensive. However, I think that it is sometimes better to come here and spend ten thousand yen than to go to another place and spend a thousand, ten times,” said Hideko Furusawa, a 49-year-old diner.

Fujimaki plans to open a restaurant offering the same dish in Los Angeles by August, although he has yet to decide on how much he will charge for it.

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