Jaguar XJ

World’s most expensive smartphone dock


If you’re in the market for a swanky new car dock for your new BlackBerry, look no further than the Jaguar XJ – the world’s most expensive smartphone dock with a price tag of £80k.

Jaguar’s new luxury smartphone dock will link to your BlackBerry, allowing drivers to access navigation, voice calls, music and specially designed car apps.

If you plug your smartphone into the XJ via a USB cable, the BlackBerry’s screen appears on the car’s central display.

For on-road safety reasons however, you can only access your phone’s complete functionality when stationary.

Those interested in the new technology can expect to see bespoke apps for the XJ in late 2012, when this next gen prototype technology becomes available.

And, because the BlackBerry Bold 9900 has NFC technology, your phone could even become your car key, providing keyless entry as typically featured in other luxury cars.

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  • 2011 Jaguar XJL

    Recently Jaguar has has upgraded its latest version supercharged engine. many people are awaiting for its sales.  

  • Samantha Cole

    BlackBerry has taken another leap into the future of automobile innovation with this project. With this phone dock, drivers will be able to access their phone contents via the car rather than the phone’s interface. The users can access their phone’s GPS in the car. And what’s more interesting is that it will be able to support other platforms aside from the BlackBerry Torch. — Samantha Cole

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