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‘Worst song ever’ gets over 30 million views on YouTube


A song by a 13-year-old American teenager – dubbed as ‘the worst song ever’ – has gone viral on YouTube, attracting over 30 million views.

The pop song called Friday is sung by Rebecca Black and was uploaded to YouTube last month by Ark Music Factory, a Los Angeles-based company that was hired by the girl’s parents to produce the song for their daughter.

With lyrics like “yesterday was Thursday Thursday, today it is Friday Friday” and “tomorrow is Saturday, and Sunday comes afterwards”, the song has been ridiculed by millions around the world for its awful lyrics.

People are also criticising the song – which has trended on Twitter and been the subject of much online discussion – for its terrible heavily auto tuned singing and video.

As the song originally began to attract attention on YouTube, a Yahoo! music blog called it a “mind-meltingly horrific song” and asked readers “Is YouTube Sensation Rebecca Black’s Friday The Worst Song Ever?”

Time magazine described the song as a “train wreck” and the video as “hilariously dreadful”.

But despite all the ridicule against her song, Rebecca Black might just be having the last laugh.

The Friday video has attracted over 30 million views on YouTube and reached the number 45 spot on the iTunes list of best-selling 99-cent singles.

What do you think of the song? Watch the video below and let us know your thoughts:

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  • Drew

    I’m sure she’ll end up getting a record deal because of this terrible song but in the long run I’ll get the last laugh when shes addicted to crack at the age of 16 and has no money and making a special appearance on celebrity rehab.

  • Dave

    No, we will not get the last laugh because she’ll be plastered all over TV regarding her addiction and troubles with the law. We all lose as I see it.

  • Adam

    That’s pretty morbid… Probably true though lol.

  • Tom

    Kudos to her! With all of the other crap out there disguised as music I don’t see how anyone can call this the worst song ever.

  • Shaun

    Sounds just like an aweful Ke$sha song.

  • Tall1

    I like the song. I think they’re a little young to be thinking so much about partying. The worst thing though is nobody in this video is using a seat belt. Windshield meat!

  • Batman

    Just goes to show… if you’re going to do something, either be the best at it, or the worst at it. That’s the only way you’ll be noticed. Anything in between that, and you’re easily forgotten.

  • David

    The aural equivalent of Brad Womack

  • Really?

    Another pendantic attempt at parents trying to fullfill a spoiled kid’s wants.
    This is soooo terrible my 10 year old starting laughing 30 secs into the song.
    Please Stop!!!
    Moms and Dads take note…you kids probable have little or no talent so don’t force them unto the world.

  • Blarg

    How is this any worse than the other mindless repetitive crap that dominates the radio?

  • Carrie

    Don’t see how that is is any worse than any Miley Cyrus song…Party In The USA anyone? Terrible song but you heard it EVERYWHERE.

  • Skyler

    Dear Rebecca Black,
    Please stop singing and go back to school.
    Thank you

  • Scrum

    Can I get my 3:47 back, please?

  • Taco

    I don’t know if it’s the worst song ever but it is the worst song I’ve heard in years. Truly terrible. She can’t sing, too much autotune, the production is boring, and the lyrics are completely inane.
    Why does the rapper in the middle say that he’s Rebecca Black?

  • Bear Connor

    More pop media showing self-segregation as natural, common, and just-fine-as-it-is-thank-you.

    The rapper raps about Rebecca riding in cars (but not his) and going to a great party (that he apparently isn’t invited to). Why are only kids who look like Rebecca shown arriving and dancing at that big party, while the black rapper just drives around alone, praising Rebecca and spitting rhymes about how much fun the kids are having without him?

  • jesse

    This is a whole lot better than Justin Bieber. Sounds like all the other songs of the day, lot of bubble gum.

  • renee

    she went to the bus stop… to get picked up by her friends… to skip school and go to a party…
    Makes perfect sense! xD

  • Lee

    Is anyone else scared that the rapper is so excited that a school bus is passing in front of him?

  • ooga booga

    It’s a case of it’s so bad it’s good.

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  • http://No Brandon

    S’up awful troll.

  • wilburdeen

    WOW!!! What a great song!!! I cant stop singin it! Maybe we will get lucky and can here it 50 times a day on the radio! I can hardly wait111 LMAO!1


    ‘Worst song ever’ gets over 30 million views on YouTube…

    A song by a 13-year-old American teenager – dubbed as ‘the worst song ever’ – has gone viral on YouTube, attracting over 30 million views….


    Worst song ever’ gets over 30 million views on YouTube…

    A song by a 13-year-old American teenager – dubbed as ‘the worst song ever’ – has gone viral on YouTube, attracting over 30 million views….

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  • Tiffany

    sounds like “Party in the USA”, too!!

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  • Janice

    There are too many things wrong with this song and video to post here, but I do have one burning question… on what planet is a 13-year old allowed to drive?

  • Jcook07

    i think that the lyrics are a joke… i kno she didnt write it,,so no personal attack on rebecca

  • jaytee1o4

    good songs for kids but they need to have their seat belts on while driving on that damn highway! Good luck Rebecca!

  • Habfids

    @MsRebeccaBlack YOU SUCK ASS  

  • stardiver

     so whats the problem, another song like million others. Justin Bieber is even more worst. Not so bad at all.

  • Alan Carnevale

    With the right hookup, I think she’ll go far. Remember she is just 13 and she has a good voice!!!

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